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18 Karat Diamond Edition

A sassy blend of strawberry, naartjie and litchi. Now with a subtle chill for the warmer days.....

R249.99 Ex Tax: R249.99

Coffee Time – Tko

Are you ready for coffee ?? Coffee Time from TKO takes all of your favourite things about coffe..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

Me Time - Limited Edition Oak Reserve (60ml)

Main Flavor notes: Cinnamon Pastry Vanilla Glaze VG/PG ratio:  80VG/20PG Bo..

R239.99 Ex Tax: R239.99

Menthol Tobacco by TKO 75ml

A super realistic take on the traditional menthol tobacco. A perfectly balance tobacco vape that wil..

R229.99 Ex Tax: R229.99

TKO Hazelnut Tobacco 75ml

A delicious hazelnut tobacco vape, smooth and beautifully craftedHazelnu Tobacco VG/PG ratio70VG/30..

R219.99 Ex Tax: R219.99

TKO - Blue Milk

TKO - Blue Milk Blue Milk is a delicious, creamy thick, bubblegum infused milkshake guaranteed to t..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

TKO - Crustee

TKO - Crustee Incredibly delicious Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup on toast. Main Flavor notes:..

R199.99 Ex Tax: R199.99

TKO - Ice Pick

TKO - Ice Pick  Ice cold menthol with sweet peppermint. Main Flavor notes: Ice cold m..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

TKO - Lime Milk

Lime Milk is a delicious, creamy thick, lime infused milkshake......

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

TKO - Marshmallow Milk

TKO - Marshmallow Milk A sweet fluffy full-cream marshmallow milkshake! Main Flavor notes: ..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

TKO - Wingman

TKO - Wingman Just what you'd expect... Main Flavor notes: No Bull Energy Drink V..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99

TKO - Yellow Milk

TKO - Yellow Milk Yellow Milk is a delicious,creamy thick,banana infused milkshake. Main Flavor No..

R119.99 Ex Tax: R119.99